If a virgin does not bleed on the marriage night, then what to do?

It is a myth that every vigina woman will always bleed when they have intercourse for the first time. May be it was true in order time but now days where as girls are given equal opportunities as boys, they swim, do martial after & go horse riding.

In such times, it is possible for hymen to break naturally while participating in active sports.

So the men also need to understand that in is now a necessity to bleed to prove virginity of a female.

In my opinion, they probably have very little or slow effect which is not upto our expectations. They do give some results but are not able to deliver the final outcome. So I advise you can use them as an adjustment with a treatment but not as a standalone treatment option for vaginal tightening.

Can one know after lymenoplasty whether it is surgically done or original?

Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure a new hymen is created & stitches are put. It takes 4-6 weeks for the stitches is hear completely.

If done by an experienced surgeon, the stitches are less liablity to be visible. So to answer your question visibility of surgical procedure depends on know it has been done.

I have been using vaginal tightening cream since past few months, recommended to me by my friend. But I nor my husband feel any difference?

Yes market, Specially online have many such creams & gel which claim to quickly tighten the vagina. However I have not yet had any patient with has been happy with this results

It is great alternative for women take up hormous pills for hormone issue or who are struggling with fertility issue.

In my experience it has 85-90% success rate for these issue.

What is vaginal steaming & does it works?

Its actually an age old practice, widely used in Asia. In china its also known as ‘Chaiyou’ It is basically given herbal infused steam with or without infrared through vagina. It is a similar experience to a facial or sauna but meant for vagina. It helps remove all the residue, old blood, muscles etc, from our uterus and helps increasing circulation along with the specific benefits of each herbs.

There are multiple herbs like rosemary, basic, thyme, calendula, mugwort etc., which are used. Each blend is made specific to every patients symptoms & covers.

It works in almost gync complaints from UTI, infertility, PCOS & hormal imbalance, recurrent infections, irregular periods, painful periods, heavy periods, black/brown discharge before periods, vag dryness, fibroids, recent delivery etc.

I have had relations with my boyfriend in past, But now parents are forcing me to marry someone else. Can my husband know that I have been relation in past?

A very relevant & often asked question . only gynaecologist examination can determine if the hymen intact or not in general, it is very difficult to say for sure if a woman had relations in past or not. because examine and tell if hymen, but of course it also depends upto how active one is. Hymen rupture as well some amount vaginal tightness or tone is compromised upon regular activity. In India & quite a few countries due to cultural & social beliefs many women, in such cases opt for simple surgical procedure called hymenoplasty with or without vaginal tightening before their marriage to give a virgin look feel.

What is raser vaginal rejuvenation and how is it done?

: It is a wonderful, pan free quick OPD procedure which can help with variety of gynaec issues like:

  • Vaginal Looseness
  • Painful Intercourse
  • Dryness
  • Sexual Dissatisfaction
  • Improving Genital Appearance
  • Urinary Leakage

It is a 15 min procedure where a focused bean of laser it put on the large area which boosts collagen syntheses [which is the building block of are structures] which results in more youthful & tighter tissue. It is painless with no down time & go back to your work.

Why does vagina get loose?

A women undergoes many phases in the lifetime life preg. & menopause.

  • Motherhood is an amazing experience but as the body keeps preparing for child birth, it undergoes many changes, it releases many hormones which did in relaxation of pelvic & birth canal. Some of these changes pelvic & birth canal. Some of these changes are permanent.
  • Through the delivery itself, as the baby passes through the birth canal, it puts a lot of pressure over the pelvic structures and vagina which results in trauma and wear and tear of the vaginal structures. The body after delivery does heal, but it is now able to get back to its original form.
  • Thirdly ageing as women age advance the hormones in their body decline. These hormone have a vital role in maintaining the structure integrity of vaginal and pelvic structure. So are these factor combine to result in a loose and wax vagina.
What is O Shot ?

O Shot stands for organ shot.

O shot & G shot are basically to enhance the sexual experience of a women after child birth many women experience loss or dimnesed sensations in their privates which results in loss of interest in sex general.

For such women a simple injection can solve the problem.

O shot is small procedure where a patient over blood is drawn & processed to remove the platelets.The platelets have regenerative properties & can rejuvenate the area where it is injected .So injection these platelets into the areas of female private parts which are most sensitive & responsive during arouse helps in improving intimacy issues.

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