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Vaginal Dryness/Painful Sex

Vaginal dryness and related painful intercourse (also called dyspareunia) is one of the most common problems reported by womens.

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is fluid—usually white or clear—that comes out of the vagina. Most women have vaginal discharge. Some women have discharge every day, while other women only have discharge occasionally.

Menstruation & Period Issues

Menstrual cycles often bring about a variety of uncomfortable symptoms leading up to your period

Urinary Infections (UTI) & Burning Sensations

It is often accompanied by other symptoms of urinary tract infections (UTI), such as dysuria (painful urination) or blood in the urine, and it can occur after intercourse in women when infection is present

Acne & Unwanted Hair (PCOD/PCOS)

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormone imbalance that can cause irregular periods, excess hair (hirsutism), and acne. These small cysts also called follicles develop in the ovary but the eggs are only rarely released.


Fibroids are smooth muscle tumors (usually noncancerous) that grow in the uterus from the muscle layers of the womb. Endometriosis, meanwhile, is when tissue around the uterus grows abnormally, which can create cysts on the ovaries.

Dr. Megha Tuli Gupta

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

MBBS, MD, PG Diploma In Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC), MAG (Dubai)
Dr. Megha Tuli is an Aesthetic & Cosmetic Gynecologist and has an experience of 9 years in these fields. She completed MBBS from B.P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in 2010 and MD – Obstetrics & Gynaecology from B.P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in 2014. She has done Master Course in Aesthetic Gynaecology from American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. She also holds Certificate in PG Diploma in Clinical Aesthetic.
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“Our unique solutions help women look good, feel great, live happier & pain-free lives.”

Unique Services For You

V-Steaming is a unique natural therapy that treats irregular periods, heavy bleeding, sexual health issues, period cramps, and PCOD/PCOS-related problems like acne and unwanted hair. It is perfectly safe and has no side-effects. We are the first & Exclusive providers of V-Steaming in Bangalore!

Intimacy with your partner is to be cherished and every woman deserves to feel great about herself when it comes to her private life. The O-Shot and G-Shot are revolutionary treatments for feminine problems such as lack of sensation and dryness. It is a completely non-surgical procedure without any downtime. Intimacy begins now!

Between menstruation, pregnancy, and childbirth, a woman’s pleasure and function are significantly affected! Being a revolutionary and best gynecologist in Bangalore, we offer a variety of solutions like V-rejuvenation, V-plasty, Urinary treatments, V-reconstruction which help women overcome urinary and vaginal issues such as loss of bladder control.

We have the best gynecologists in Bangalore, who are experts in treating gynae issues. Trust in the combined experience of more than 20 years of providing the best treatment for gynecological problems. If you are looking for gynecologists with empathy & experience, then Motherhood Hospital doctors are the best for you.

We aim to help feel confident inside out & look good by providing an array of functional gynecology treatments like Laser, Vaginal rejuvenation , PRP, Peels & Bikini area , Re-shaping & Tightening. Get ready to feel fabulous.

We are at motherhood take care of what makes you a Women! We offer surgical treatment in female genital plastic surgery mainly by labioplasty, hymenoplasty, Re-Vergination surgery , Vaginoplasty & clitoral -hood reduction.

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